Less than two days to reach our Kickstarter goal!

It has been a fantastic weekend of connecting and Kickstarting... We saw an amazing jump on our Kickstarter from $33k to over $59k, so some of you out there are really pulling for us! This means we are 16% shy of reaching our goal WITH TWO DAYS LEFT (59 hours to be exact). The goal is in sight, and we believe we can make this happen, with your help, now more than ever! There’s an urgent need for more bookstores in Queens and your help up to this point reflects it 100%.  

We started off Saturday at our booth at the LIC Flea market. Some of you came by and gave us such comfort and words of support; it filled our hearts with so much joy. When Holly met someone who had donated and chose her bag in person, she was literally jumping up and down. We even had shoppers back the Kickstarter in person, right there in the booth! But our day was officially made when we met Jack. 

This tiny human embodies the REASON we are doing this. Before twisting his dad’s arm to buy him TWO books (NOT one, it had to be two) he flipped through every page of a Curious George collection, commenting on everything he saw and showing us the pictures as he went. He was full of so much joy and his passion for books totally matches ours! 

On Sunday, we had a blast hosting a story time at the Austin Playground in Forest Hills. Again, so many of you came by with your little ones to enjoy a Father’s Day themed coloring session. We met Betti, a local grandma and avid reader who dearly misses a bookstore to find a great read for her grandson, and we met Michelle, a bright little four-year-old girl who signed up to be our first employee (if we published her notebook of doodles!)  

Looking forward, this Wednesday (6/22) we will be at Red Pipe cafe from 8-10pm, anxiously refreshing the Kickstarter page but also hopefully meeting YOU. We invite you to join us because we would love to thank you in person for being SO supportive, SO excited, and SO generous throughout this campaign.  

Finally, we have a new exciting reward to finish off this campaign. Quirk Books, one of our absolute favorite publishers, has donated some of their amazing titles plus goodie totes with pins, posters, and more! This reward would make a GREAT gift! 

Obviously we still have tons of neat things to offer, so if you haven’t told your neighbor or best friend to donate, NOW is the time. Only TWO days left to go! We only have four totes left, you can still sponsor a shelf, attend our opening party or host YOUR OWN, or grab signed books by amazing authors!  

For now, we’re too excited to keep typing, so we hope to see as many of you as possible this Wednesday and we can’t wait to cross this finish line together! Hope to see you then!

With love,
Vina, Nat, Holly